Weingut Amberger
The Amberger Winery
Wine growing is a family affair for us and is practiced across generations with a lot of passion and team spirit. Our winery includes Manfred and Christa Amberger, as well as their sons Markus and Bastian. We grow our wines on eight hectares of vineyards in Winnenden, Korb and Kleinheppach. When it comes to management, we consciously rely on tradition, innovation and sustainability. In addition to our vineyards, meadow orchards also belong to our family.
Weingut Amberger
Our principle - our passion

We run our winery with passion and on the principle that every step in the wine production is important.

It takes traditional craftsmanship, some innovations, careful care of the vines and a lot of passion to create a high-quality wine full of character – and we stick to that.

Weingut Amberger Winnenden
Amberger family
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Our history

Viticulture has accompanied our family for a long time. Documented for the first time in 1813, part of the family worked already as wine farmers. In 2006, Christa and Manfred Amberger had their first vineyard in Winnenden bought and started to build up today’s Amberger winery. Fortunately, the sons, Bastian and Markus, share their passion for wine and run the winery with them.

Events in the winery

We love a successful event! You too?

Surrounded by vineyards and meadow orchards and still easy to reach. Our winery near Winnenden offers you the opportunity to celebrate with us in a beautiful location. Are you planning a wine tasting or a winewalk with first-class wines? Feel free to contact us!

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